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The Future of your Claims Service Center

  • Published
  • By Brig Gen Richard C. Harding
  • Commander, Air Force Legal Operations Agency
For over sixty years, the JAG Corps has provided claims support to Airmen. While the positive impact of this support on the Air Force and its Airmen has not changed, our delivery of this support has been marked by innovation and transformation. The adoption of new technology and centralization of claims processing have been the keys to offering our clients robust and timely claims service over the years. 

In 2006, the JAG Corps made its foray into the virtual customer service arena with the stand up of the Air Force Claims Service Center (CSC) in Kettering, Ohio. For the first time, claims processing left the installation legal office and relocated to an around-the-clock centralized service center. The CSC was a resounding success from the outset-- shortening both claims processing and claimant reimbursement times. 

Now, we are transforming our claims processes again. Shortly after the CSC stood up, Congress changed the law on how DoD moves household goods. Now Airmen can receive full replacement value (FRV) for lost or damaged household goods. Claimants who would have filed a claim with the CSC are now filing with their household goods carrier. Because demand for Air Force claims services decreased, the CSC will transform into a leaner, all-civilian organization. Decreasing demand has also eliminated the need for a 24-hour operation. 

This change should cause little impact to your offices or your claimants. The CSC will still handle personnel and disaster claims, and will work on FRV claims for Airmen who are not satisfied with their carrier. Through its interface with DFAS, it will continue to pay vouchers for tort claims, and handle bar dues reimbursements. Further, CSC personnel will be available for disaster advice and will help staff JACC's fly away team. 

Most importantly, the CSC will remain the centralized place for Airmen to call with questions. The CSC will be open from 0700 to 1900, Eastern time, Monday through Friday.